SFX Sunday and Skegness by filsie65

SFX Sunday and Skegness

Thought I should try to do something a bit different in my theme month. So Sunday is SFX Sunday when I try some sort of different processing or something. (Can you tell I'm making this up as I go along).
My little 1:1 has moved to Lincolnshire, and I went to see her into her new school so that both she and the staff would have some sort of bridge to help them. On the way to my B&B I drove through Skegness and was surprised how deserted and dull it was - the huge fairground was like a graveyard. This sort of sums it up.....! I'm sure it's great in higher season but was surprised to not even be able to get some fish & chips mid-evening as everything was shut.
Anyway - enough moaning! Delighted you called by - thank you, you'd be enough to brighten any dull day :)
I remember driving to Butlins in Skeggy and thinking "where on earth are we going"hahah
June 8th, 2018  
I do like your selective coloring on this.
June 8th, 2018  
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