i love you to the moon and back

all this talk about teddy bears made me reminisce the grandsons when they were still toddlers and spent their weekends with me. little darren, when he was three, woke up one night and saw the full moon through the window blinds. he woke me up, his face close to mine to tell me how big and bright the moon was. when i told him to go back to sleep, he put his arms on the edge of the sofa where i was sleeping, propped his chin on his arms and stared at me. he blew at my face and i opened my eyes once more whereupon he said something he heard from one of the movies we were watching earlier. "lola," he said, "i love you to the moon and back."

the story behind tewdwr the bear is here, if you are so inclined: https://365project.org/summerfield/365-still/2017-10-10

Aww- sweet shot!
posted October 12th, 2017  
awwwwww... so precious :)
posted October 12th, 2017  
Love it and the story is so sweet.
posted October 12th, 2017  
So good..
posted October 12th, 2017  
What a beautiful shot. Even more what a beautiful story, something to treasure always!
posted October 12th, 2017  
Great composite...
posted October 12th, 2017  
So sweet!
posted October 13th, 2017  
Great book and photo!
posted October 15th, 2017  
@summerfield I missed this but it is completely lovely in every way. The story is sweet but the image is priceless. Composition, moon, bokeh - and most importantly your beautiful emotive face. Love it.
posted October 19th, 2017  
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