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Sooner or later we will be allowed to get out...

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are these in shops now?!
April 7th, 2020  
Very clever, nicely done
April 7th, 2020  
@fiveplustwo @kali66 (it’s you, right?) - Had to wait for the Health Authorities clearance... lol
@graemestevens Thank you very much!
April 7th, 2020  
well done!
April 7th, 2020  
This is quite amazing! The worst thing about blister packs is getting the object out!
April 7th, 2020  
@annied Thank you very much!
@louannwarren In fact... We share the same condition for the time being... Thank you a lot!
April 7th, 2020  
Funny, great idea and execution! Fav!
April 7th, 2020  
An amazing portrait of the world we try to live in.
April 7th, 2020  
aptly creative
April 7th, 2020  
... I hope so!
April 7th, 2020  
Oh man! Well done!! Scary.
April 9th, 2020  
@mikegifford Thank you very much, Mike!
@byrdlip Thanks a lot! Or survive to...
@blueberry1222 Thank you very much, Krista!
@overalvandaan ... don’t you?
@kuva No need to be scared. Once open may be dissolved in water lol
April 9th, 2020  
What a concept! You're so unique Domenico! I just shake my head slowly and say, "Wow..."
April 10th, 2020  
So sealed in! Creative concept and excellent execution.
May 10th, 2020  
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