There are no lemons big enough by fiveplustwo

There are no lemons big enough

... that you can’t squeeze them.

theme: limes

This is my 200th photo for Fiveplustwo! whoop whoop!
Oh I did laugh!
June 8th, 2020  
you may need some help with that :)
June 8th, 2020  
ps you are counting? i have no idea how many i have done, sometimes it feels like too many!
June 8th, 2020  
@fbailey :) Thank you!
@kali66 Yes, on both accounts! I count either on my personal project and on Fiveplustwo... You are a founder of Fiveplustwo, aren’t you?
June 8th, 2020  
lemon, lime, same-same.

i suppose you can keep count by keeping a self-tag like DD and i do. i have 351 myself. i started to participate about 3 weeks after the group started. then they had a falling out, a member or two were tossed out, then there was an uprising. kali came in and stomped her foot down, took over and everyone who wanted to be in her-good-graces-or-else started to behave and so there was peace in the fiveplustwo kingdom ever since. 😜 @domenicododaro @kali66
June 8th, 2020  
@summerfield Iron hand and velvet glove... @kali66
June 8th, 2020  
@domenicododaro - that's our kali!
June 8th, 2020  
@domenicododaro My...that's a big...uhhhh...lemon you have there!

@kali66 @domenicododaro @summerfield I'm like Kali, I have no idea how many 365 posts I've done. I started as an outsider participant and during then during the early breakup I was asked to join and have posted ever since. Like her, sometimes it feels like too many posts, and at other times I think it helps my sanity....errrr maybe.
June 8th, 2020  
@mikegifford @summerfield @kali66 today I took one hour off and I scrolled for the first time the fiveplustwo project from the very beginning. I had to stop about mid-2013, a little later after Mike and Kali joined in. Overwhelming. I’m so proud of being a part of it.
June 8th, 2020  

Love the thread too. What an achievement!
June 8th, 2020  
@adi314 @domenicododaro @summerfield @overalvandaan @kali66 @mikegifford @kuva arent we awesome! lol I think i just cared about it and had time on my hands to make sure things kept running smoothly, have learned a lot about myself in the process! I look back occasionally at a section of the photos and it always blows me away, some really awesome work over the years from everybody and we have become firm friends from it too which is the best part :)
June 9th, 2020  
@adi314 @domenicododaro @summerfield @overalvandaan @kali66 @mikegifford @kuva Awe! I love this thread. :) Glad to be a part of this crew!
June 13th, 2020  
@domenicododaro .... that's an awfully yellow lime. ;) Love the photo! Very nicely shopped.
June 13th, 2020  
@kuva Hahaha, it’s a wonderfully yellow Amalfi lemon! thank you!
June 14th, 2020  
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