They both reached for the gun by fiveplustwo

They both reached for the gun

... In Chicago, where else?
With myself ( @domenicododaro ) as Billy Flynn, the evil lawyer (well, is there anything as a non-evil lawyer? LOL) and fabulous @adi314 as Roxie.

Theme: musical
Ah Domenico, you make a dashing Richard Gere and Adi is a fabulous Renée Zellweger! What a show!
November 23rd, 2020  
hmmmm....interesting. if we shave your beard, why you could be a doppelganger for that richard gere! fabulous show, you guys!

@adi314 - looking great, adi!
November 23rd, 2020  
Fantastic! Nice to see you back Domenico. Fav
November 23rd, 2020  
interesting body language!
November 23rd, 2020  
@louannwarren Too kind of you, Lou Ann, thanks a lot!
@summerfield lol, I’d love to... Thank you!
@caterina Thank you, Caterina! I try to meet the commitments here with the group, at least!
@kali66 I’ll send you the inspiration frame from the movie... I’d love to post it here but don’t know how - lol
November 23rd, 2020  
@domenicododaro very cool!
November 23rd, 2020  
@domenicododaro - btw, just want to alert you. there's a hand creeping up your lap. 🤣 slap it quickly!
November 23rd, 2020  
@domenicododaro i should watch the movie
November 23rd, 2020  
@domenicododaro This is fabulous!! My expression cracks me up, but that is how I saw her face. lol As @Kali66 said, I should also watch the movie
November 24th, 2020  
So fun! Those faces... ;-D
November 25th, 2020  
@overalvandaan thank you, Saxa!
@summerfield lol, it’s in the background and that’s not my lap: my laps are lucky enough to guest Adi🤣🤣🤣
@kali66 definitely! It’s certainly my favorite musical movie.
@adi314 your expression is perfect! She was playing the role of the ventriloquist puppet there! Thank you!
@aikiuser thank you so much! Adi’s a natural born actress!
November 28th, 2020  
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