splash by flashphotography


My dog having a great time in Oakhampton on holiday
Hi Sophie - thanks for the follow and I see you are at Brock just down the road from me. You should be ambitious in your ambition always striving to do better each time - but don't let your strive to perfection put you off! I'm very happy to offer comment as best I can - I will follow
August 12th, 2016  
This is a great action shot - you can see the joy and movement - but a very difficult one to get right. I took a similar one (in my album 24th March) but that result was after a bit of planning and many, many shots and runs for the dog. What I concentrated on was having a high enough shutter speed but spot focussed on the eyes (using a tracking focus - I dont know if your camera has that feature) and took a burst of shots - then sent the dog back to do it all again - have fun
August 12th, 2016  
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