11th May 2021 by flaumel

11th May 2021

Not quality of picture I dreamt about, but:

After over a year of trying to get any of black grouse pictures, I packed myself my ghillie and ghillie blanket and book and decided to wait on the spot where I saw them fighting yesterday.
It was very long patience game. The black grouse males showed three times and flew away minutes later and I was losing hope that they'll come in place where I can see them and take any pictures of them.
But then 6 males came and started calling, my hands were shaking from adrenaline and yet, I had to move very slowly, even if covered under ghille blanket, since any random movement would just spook them.
They are striking!

Here the grouse gather every morning in late April/early May on a lek ... their designated "dancing" ground. They return there every year. I visited a lek several years ago that had a viewing hut set up. They dance and call and fight. Ours are short-tailed grouse. Not quite as dramatically colored as these black grouse.
May 12th, 2021  
@aecasey in here, we have just a small flock, so they will change their area randomly, and often they're just "few meters away around the corner", I can hear them, I know where they are but there's no chance of approaching as they are very quick to fly away
May 12th, 2021  
Well worth the effort
May 13th, 2021  
Must have been amazing to watch! Your patience paid off.
May 13th, 2021  
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