Meta macro by fluidsculpture

Meta macro

I like tinkering with electronics and gadgets. I also have a thing about super-macro images and want to have a go at focus-stacking. So I've collected some bits together from my parts drawers to have a go at building an automatic macro slide rail.
Focus stacking isn't hard, just need good rail but it sounds like you're going to make a smart rail :) If you need software recommendations, let me know. Funny I'm looking through my stash of valves and I see I bought a Arduino board but never used it. I do not recall why I bought one.
October 12th, 2021  
Look forward to seeing what kind of photos you get.
October 13th, 2021  
I've just finished coding a prototype to move the rail and take a shot. It will need some fine-tuning once I get a camera mounted on the thing.
I was planning to use Photoshop to stack the images, but I'm always open to suggestions. :-)
October 13th, 2021  
Thanks, Gary. It could be a while yet. I'm still drilling holes and bolting bits of metal together. ;-)
October 13th, 2021  
I look forward to seeing what you do with this and other tinkering.
October 14th, 2021  
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