TLC time... by fluidsculpture

TLC time...

Time to put new strings on my five string bass (shock horror - a bass player who changes strings!).

While the old ones are off, I like to clean and oil the fretboard.
Is that a no-no? :D Is that like shooting in JPEG? :D :D :D
November 24th, 2021  
It's one of the bass player jokes that we never change strings - but I have an aversion to blood poisoning. Also, there are die-hards who reckon that "if four strings were good enough for Jaco Pastorius, then that's all you need!"
I upset a lot of bass players because I also have a six and an eight-string bass! :-D
November 24th, 2021  
@fluidsculpture I guess that's anathema. :D I get the idea. The purists, right?
I am not playing any instrument - my brain is not properly wired to get the hang of any instrument. But my brother plays bass - self taught.
But I really appreciate people who can handle an instrument. And I am in total awe at them. Complete admiration.
November 24th, 2021  
Step away from the lighter fluid! Do not set light to your instrument!
November 24th, 2021  
It's cheaper than buying "branded" naphthalene cleaners (and it's the same chemical). Good fun if it does ignite though - recreating my own Woodstock moment in the dining room! :-D
November 24th, 2021  
It’s your bass so your rules. I am sure that it is satisfying to clean it, tune it and then enjoy playing it.
November 24th, 2021  
Nice shot! What do you do with the lighter fluid??
November 25th, 2021  
I’m sure that care helps it produce the sounds you want. Love the pov.
November 25th, 2021  
I didn't think that lighter fluid could still be bought these days, what with all the Nanny State restrictions on folk! Anyway, it looks great after its clean up. I too thought that bass guitars were 4 string - am I old school?
November 25th, 2021  
It's basically naphthalene, which is a safe way to clean grease from the fretboard. And then it gets a liberal soaking with baby oil that's allowed to soak in for a few hours before being polished with a soft cloth. A tin of lighter fluid is around £2 and a bottle of baby oil is about 49p. A tiny bottle of branded fretboard cleaner is around three times the price!
Five string double basses have been around since the late 1800s, but modern bass guitars with five strings have only been around since the mid-sixties (the Fender V).
They offer more flexibility than a four.
November 25th, 2021  
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