4 Fish Heads and an Eel by fotoblah

4 Fish Heads and an Eel

Seen at the local daily fish market.
Instant fav -- this is hilarious!
June 19th, 2022  
@taffy Thanks, and I'm glad you saw the humor in it.
June 19th, 2022  
Oh my goodness!! All those staring eyes and gaping mouths. That's a scream!
June 20th, 2022  
haha good one.
January 18th, 2023  
Brilliant! They look very happy considering…
February 7th, 2023  
@tinley23 I give all credit to the fishmonger at the market who selected and arranged the fish heads. Upon first seeing the heads, I couldn't' stop thinking about the song 'Fish Heads' that I first heard decades ago on the Dr. Demento radio show.

The writers and performers of the song submitted a tape to Dr. Demento, radio's novelty enthusiast. It remains the most requested song ever on a syndicated radio show. Their video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqF12EkBrPM) of the song was played on 2 different episodes of  the 'Saturday Night Live' TV show.
February 7th, 2023  
Talking heads! Great capture
July 6th, 2023  
@rensala Thanks!
July 6th, 2023  
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