The End (of series)

Yeah, best on black.

Well, this is the 13th one, end of the series. Many thanks to Brett @brett101 for organizing the 13 days.

Also, I've decided to take a page out of Katy's @grammyn and take a short break (November) from posting. Be back in December.
What a way to bow out for a bit! This is so very Jerry Uelsmann- just simply excellent. See you in December. Fav!
posted November 1st, 2017  
Absolutely amazing! Really well done and a FAV!
See you in December.
posted November 1st, 2017  
Nice one!!
posted November 1st, 2017  
Spectacular! Enjoy the break and see you soon!
posted November 1st, 2017  
Well done...Enjoy your November break. See you in December.
posted November 1st, 2017  
the penultimate and my favourite!
posted November 1st, 2017  
Wonderful, wonderful. Be back soon!
posted November 1st, 2017  
I saw your other photo first so didn't know you were taking a break. I understand the need. Dont stay away too long.

Loved this series!
posted November 2nd, 2017  
dark and marvelous!!
posted November 2nd, 2017  
A moody low key!
posted November 8th, 2017  
I hope your time away is relaxing -- but that it doesn't mean you are postponing all photography work! A stellar end to your series.
posted November 9th, 2017  
good low-key. Enjoy and relax see you back soon
posted November 11th, 2017  
Great shot
posted November 14th, 2017  
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