Preparing for class by francoise

Preparing for class

For get-pushed challenge from FBailey

"I did notice however that people do not figure very much in your albums, so your challenge this week is to take a portrait of a stranger, with extra points if you engage in conversation with them."

The conversation consisted of me saying "I took your picture. Do you want me to delete it or can I keep it?" and the kid replying, "no, it's fine, you can keep it." This is a bit far away to count as a portrait, but it's a start.
@fbailey Really struggle with people as I feel that there is only one shot at getting it right and no re-dos... Plus it's embarrassing. So, this is a fabulous challenge for me. Hoping to get better ones, but at least I can say "I did it. Yay!"
September 20th, 2018  
It is a good start
September 20th, 2018  
Well done! I found (and find) this very difficult as well. Street photography is not for me:)
September 20th, 2018  
very brave. i'm not a lover of taking street shots but admire other's skills and this admirable
September 20th, 2018  
I find it hard to photograph strangers. If I do, I try not to capture their faces. Great capture for your challenge
September 20th, 2018  
So proud of you and a great shot!
September 20th, 2018  
I feel exactly the same way as you say here. I think perhaps it is easier to do when in a foreign country and you look like a tourist taking picture of everything! Well done on this bold start.
September 21st, 2018  
This is great - I am with you when it comes to taking people shots and that includes family and selfies.
A great start.
September 24th, 2018  
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