Day6 - Ice Cream Cone by frankroberts

Day6 - Ice Cream Cone

In retrospect, I should have found a way to include something for scale on this pic. A banana would have been comically small, but it is the standard.

Saw Benicio Del Toro's Pinnochio, tonight. Terrible. I would have preferred "The Menu" but the company I was with would have been more than a little distressed at that flick.

Once again, I'm looking at lenses. I think I'll go with a wide-angle, first. Then a macro. Finally a 300mm. That's the current plan. I don't suspect I would ever need a fish-eye or superzoom (although astrophotography appeals to me).
Certainly does well for advertising!
November 24th, 2022  
Great find and capture
November 24th, 2022  
@bkbinthecity Thanks BKB. They wouldn't have to put such a big display out for me to find it. I am drawn to ice cream shops like ... well, it's after midnight and I can't think of a good southern simile. Just know that I am really drawn to ice cream. Like a rare earth magnet to a refrigerator. That reminds me: I'm also drawn to refrigerators.
December 5th, 2022  
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