"There's enough food for all" by frappa77

"There's enough food for all"

said the boss...

Try to guess how the story ended!!! ;)

For the Six Word Story #66

For more info:
LOL! Terrific capture of them all looking expectantly at that seagull. I would guess the bird flew away and the cats went home hungry
April 12th, 2017  
great capture... looks like they are trying to figure out how to get in
April 13th, 2017  
This is very good, the cats are using the bird as a indicator of where the food is.
April 13th, 2017  
Fun catch- the cats certainly have designs on some sort of food. The question is will they find it dumpster diving, or catch the bird!
April 13th, 2017  
Well spotted and nicely captured! :-)
April 14th, 2017  
Agree with Katy, they look as if they are expecting the seagull to throw something down!
April 16th, 2017  
I never saw the gull until Ann mentioned it!!! It's a "bird toy" and wants a run at the dumpster as well!
April 24th, 2017  
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