Puff off by friesianfury

Puff off

I was cold and shaking a little so its not the best shot, but a bird found me to be a little of a threat and followed me around inside the desert dome. Every time I looked at him he puff up and when turned away relaxed. Not sure what I did to him but thought it was funny non the less
This is such a cool looking bird, looks like he has a crash helmet on. Either he saw you as a threat or a mate ;o)
October 2nd, 2011  
Good composition. what an interesting bird! He must have really have taken a dislike (or perhaps a "like") to you.
October 2nd, 2011  
Such neat coloring!
October 2nd, 2011  
Wow! What a great shot! I love his puffiness. :)
October 3rd, 2011  
Love this!
October 3rd, 2011  
I just love that color! Fun story!
October 3rd, 2011  
Great shot, love the composition! Good to have a poser follow you around! You weren't wearing your mask, were you? That could be intimidating...
October 3rd, 2011  
Great shot. Have not seen a bird like this before.
October 3rd, 2011  
@lolanae @mandyj92 @nanalisarocks @orangecrush @jtookey150

Thanks guys he was a cool bird in person

@johnnyfrs @daisy

I like the idea of him liking me more!!
boy would I look funny, but I would really love to see what he would of done then If I had!
October 3rd, 2011  
Great colours and story!
October 6th, 2011  
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