Feet by gapandgain


These feet belong to my six year old. Sometimes it makes me sad to think how big they have gotten over the years. I remember as if it was yesterday when those precious little feet would fit in the palm of my hands.
They no longer fit in the palm of my hands. Today they are helping my six year old explore and ponder the world around him. Thinking and contemplating which path to take as they head on their next adventure together.
Sweet and poignant. I like the metaphor of the path that lies ahead of him.
October 17th, 2020  
This reminds me of "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." :)
October 17th, 2020  
Nice reflection... they grow so fast... sounds like you are savoring every moment... awesome!
October 17th, 2020  
curiously composed
October 17th, 2020  
October 18th, 2020  
October 19th, 2020  
Those feet will take him far. Very adorable POV and shot.
October 19th, 2020  
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