The Aftermath by gardencat

The Aftermath

For the minimalist cutlery challenge.
Lensbaby double glass optic and the +4 Macro filter.
A great effect!
January 22nd, 2022  
well done
January 22nd, 2022  
………but what was on that plate??
January 22nd, 2022  
@susiemc It was a piece of a crazy thing called meatzza. A recipe from Nigella Lawsons TV show. You make it round like a pizza but the meat actually forms the crust and you put tomatoes and cheese on top. To be honest it was disappointing, which I should have realized it would be, as I was putting it together, since it called for very few spices or herbs or anything that would have added some zing. I might try it again but, if so, I’d add a lot more interesting stuff on top.
January 22nd, 2022  
@gardencat Ah! I’ve seen Nigella make that on TV. I thought it sounded good and that perhaps I would make it. Interesting to hear that it’s not quite as good as it sounds. Perhaps I will make it but I’ll heed your words Joanne and I’ll add flavouring of some kind.
January 23rd, 2022  
Love the shadow
January 24th, 2022  
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