‘Gatis’ by gavj


This is Gatis and he’s from Latvia 🇱🇻
He joined us recently from the Eastern European Drivers Agency (We use a lot of these chaps) and he Tramps out all week and is experienced with all kinds of loads👍
He’s a bit shy, can you tell by the look from all over his Boat Race?🤣🙏
📷Off-Kilter POV, 28mm prime lens, on-camera flash aimed at the ceiling, with the bounce card extended. Then a thick slice of Monochrome to finish📷
Another great portrait!
April 19th, 2022  
He does look shy, but he also looks comfortable. These drivers must really like you to allow all these photos.
April 19th, 2022  
I agree with Mags, another great portrait!
April 20th, 2022  
he has a cheeky glint in his eyes , another gritty and superb mono
April 20th, 2022  
@cwbill Most of the chaps are really used to me pointing cameras at them. I usually spend a bit of time chatting to them first before the shutter starts clicking 🙏
April 25th, 2022  
@marlboromaam @ingrid01 @phil_howcroft Thanks so much for the comments and continued support🙏
April 25th, 2022  
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