30 Days Wild - Day 7

Kayaking . . . my last time kayaking here before we head up north on Tuesday. I saw egrets, herons, turtles, and deer but they all flew, swam, or ran away as soon as I approached...they definitely weren't in the mood for posing for photos today. I was a bit disappointed initially that I didn't get any of those shots but as I paddled along enjoying the beautiful weather and nature all around me, I decided for today the experience was going to be more important than getting photos. I took this shot with my phone to document my kayaking activity for the day. The next kayaking photos I post will be from Lake Winnipeg in Canada. :-)

My sincere thanks for the amazing comments and favs on both the Young Chickadee and Doe photos. Your support is always truly appreciated!

2018 Photo Journal, Day 157
Oh what a wonderful place to be. Such a great view of the wild on both side.
posted June 8th, 2018  
Would love to be in a kayak paddling next to you - what a fabulous view you've got there. I'm excited to hear that you're headed back to Canada - and know your weather there has got to be better than you're having now! It's miserable here and know Texas isn't any better. Going to be quite envious!
posted June 8th, 2018  
I'm looking forward to Canadian wild days.
posted June 8th, 2018  
This is a great record of your day, Gayle! Nice to just relax and enjoy the moment(s). I look forward to your Canada photos!
posted June 8th, 2018  
I read your comment having just put my camera so that we could just experience the concert I am at without disturbing anybody or driving myself crazy. So I know just what you mean about experiencing the experience. You got a lovely photo anyway and the sky surely cooperated. Enjoy your vacation
posted June 8th, 2018  
Great pov and depth
posted June 8th, 2018  
I am imagining you in your Kayak looking ahead to this glorious view of rippling water & a stunning sky .& I love the blue tip of your kayak...a wonderful photo for your day....look forward Gayle to your Canadian photos
posted June 8th, 2018  
It must be wonderful to just take up your kayak and go travelling along the rivers and lakes. Everything always looks very different from the water, as you get a different perspective.
posted June 8th, 2018  
Great pov
posted June 8th, 2018  
Clever shot, like it
posted June 8th, 2018  
OMG! You're brave!!! great shot!
posted June 8th, 2018  
Cool shot. Great tones of water.
posted June 8th, 2018  
Great view & the point of the front of the boat leads the viewer forward.
posted June 8th, 2018  
This sounds (and looks) like a wonderful way to spend the day :)
posted June 8th, 2018  
Really neat pov, I feel like I'm there with you.
posted June 8th, 2018  
Wonderful POV. And what a view! Fav.
posted June 9th, 2018  
looks glorious
posted June 10th, 2018  
What a view!
posted June 11th, 2018  
Great pov and so peaceful!
posted June 14th, 2018  
What a lovely capture. I love how the nose of the kayak leads us to that beautiful blue sky! I hope you've arrived in Canada ok. Looking forward to seeing some shots from there. xx
posted June 15th, 2018  
Fun shot! I like the blue kayak!
posted June 20th, 2018  
I hope all is well Gayle! Just checking up on you. Haven't been on WWF for ages - too much going on. I'll try and get back to it soon though! xx
posted June 22nd, 2018  
@jamibann Hi, Issi! Thanks so much for checking up on me! We’re now at the cottage at Lake Winnipeg and have family visiting so I’m waiting until everything settles down a bit and I’ll be able to spend time getting back into my photo project again. Hope everything is going well for you. I’m sure with your husband’s retirement and move back to Scotland this is a very busy time for you. :-)
posted June 22nd, 2018  
I am glad to hear that you didn't fall in the lake! :)
posted June 23rd, 2018  
@gaylewood It is Gayle! One week to go! xx
posted June 23rd, 2018  
Great POV and colors!!
posted June 28th, 2018  
Where are you, Gayle?!? It has almost been a month away. Hope all is well?!?
posted July 3rd, 2018  
@gardenfolk Yes, all is well! We’re in Canada, at Lake Winnipeg at our family cottage . . . I’ve been so busy with family visiting and getting settled into our summer cottage life I haven’t taken time for my photo project . . . but I’ll definitely get back into it ASAP! Thank you so much for checking up on me! I certainly appreciate it! Give sweet Katniss a special hug for me. :-)
posted July 3rd, 2018  
Glad to see you posting again and this is a beautiful photo.
posted July 9th, 2018  
Just stopped by to say hello too, and check up on you. I'm not doing much myself on 365 at the moment -so very busy, and just trying to keep my head above water in Scotland.xx
posted July 11th, 2018  
@jamibann Hi, Issi! You are so kind to stop by and check up on me. The good thing...I’m thoroughly enjoying my current life experiences, swimming and kayaking in the lake just about every day. The bad thing...it seems I’ve currently lost my motivation for my photo project. I’m thinking (hoping) I just need a bit of a break and will soon get the urge to jump back in. Hope all is going well for you in Scotland! :-)
posted July 13th, 2018  
@gaylewood So glad all is going well for you, despite the lack of photos! Looking forward to you returning one day ... I miss your daily posts! All well in Scotland. That's 3 weeks we've been back, and I feel almost in control again. There's still a lot of outside work to be finished at our house though ... and they've gone on holiday. Arrgh! Hopefully by the end of August the mess will be finished with!
posted July 20th, 2018  
Hi Gayle. Me too, wondering where you got to and if all is well. I'm glad you are having a great time with the kayaking and swimming and that all is well. Take care. Hope to see your posts again one day.
posted July 24th, 2018  
How fun to see so many people checking in on you! That is exactly why I'm here today too. Enjoy the lake and I hope you find your inspiration/motivation and return to 365 some time. Take care!
posted July 30th, 2018  
Hi Gayle! It does sound like you are having a grand time in and around the water. You must be in great shape too! Well, you know what they say, it takes 21 days to create a habit and even less time to get out of habit, which I have done with my walking, so I understand how photography has taken a backseat for you..we miss you and your photos...take care until you return!
posted September 24th, 2018  
Hi Gayle. It is lovely that you keep popping up on my feed - so I know that you are checking in from time to time. Did you loose interest in the photography, or loose the time to keep up with it, I wonder. I do hope you are OK.
posted November 10th, 2018  
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