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I am a 38 years old married woman. I'm living in The Netherlands in Lelystad, a town in the lower part of this country. 50 years ago it still was a sea.My husband thinks I take to many pictures of flowers, trees and plants. They almost never make it to the family album.
This place is a good way to legalize my obsession ;-)
I'm a Christian and I would like to show everything beautiful in nature.

I've been here for more than three months and I like everything about it! I stepped away from my original plan, not totally, but I did some detours. I'm addicted to this project and hope it keeps inspiring me!

Well, more than four months into my second year, so it's time to write an addition about me. I still love this site and photography, although I'm not here as often as my first year.
I have two new(er) camera's now, the Lumix TZ18, a handy P&S that I take anywhere and a real DSLR, the Sony a330, second hand with two lenses. I now realise that I have still a lot to learn, but I love every minute of it!

Allright, here I am, back in this wonderful project. I joined a group @fourthreesixseven .
I will post something every week and take a look around here whenever I have some time. But time is a problem, because I have two little children now. Great change!
And I've updated on the camera front as well. I own a Sony A58 and a little Sony cybershot.