A Cockadoodle Off...... by gemmap

A Cockadoodle Off......

So Bruce was out with his girls today, for the first time in months, because believe it or not chickens have been in lockdown too, because of an avian flu Outbreak!
Anyway he sat at one end of our garden, with Mr Jones at the other and they cockadoodled back and forth to one another for ages!
In other news, I haven’t been on here for nearly ten days 😳. I will catch up properly, but life just seems to be so busy at the moment. I have an assignment due in on Tuesday and it’s around the nature v’s nurture debate. It’s wearing my brain out 🤣.
I do have some wonderful photos that I have taken over the past few days, whilst on some much needed annual leave. Some of them are quite funny too, but I can’t post them until my weekly challenge is done, otherwise it spoils the fun! So they will be added tomorrow evening. Watch this space 😉
What a handsome chap!
April 2nd, 2021  
Wonderful pic!
April 6th, 2021  
Love the names
May 22nd, 2021  
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