Some Roads Are Broken by ghost13

Some Roads Are Broken

Shattered miles drift
Unforgiving summer sun
The rough road ahead

First day back on a bike in about a year. 95 degrees, 100% humidity, and they ripped up the roads to repave at a later date. If hell is paved with good intentions, what are the unpaved roads for?
to piss off the bikers, that's what. 🤣 nice pov, i like it! aces!
July 20th, 2020  
Job justification or using up grant money. I really like the pov. The weather conditions sound so ugly.
July 20th, 2020  
Nice crisp shot and cool POV... hopefully the roadwork will payoff in the end!
July 20th, 2020  
POV makes for a really intriguing image.
July 20th, 2020  
Nice shot, great pov
July 20th, 2020  
great contrast with the road that seems to be racing past
July 20th, 2020  
I like the blurred path.
July 20th, 2020  
I think it could be a medical effect: full body massage combined with sauna. :)
Wonderful cut-out.
July 21st, 2020  
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