Heated Rollers by gillian1912

Heated Rollers

This set of heated rollers was a birthday present to me in 1970. They were quite a new thing at the time. You plugged them in and heated them until the red dot on the ends of the rollers turned black.

Unused for many years, I came across them in a drawer.
Amazing how everything changes so much! Annoying me right now as lots of stuff will not work on this new computer - thank goodness for my son!
August 30th, 2016  
I still have a set!!! Alternate them and straighteners!!!
August 30th, 2016  
Haha! Love it!
August 30th, 2016  
Wow, my mum had a set of these and I remember the pain of them as she tried to get my hair to do anything but sit straight! Thanks for the memories!
August 30th, 2016  
You've kept them since 1970?
Nice bit of nostalgia.
September 1st, 2016  
Delightful! I love old memories kinds of photos, the ones that mean something to you.
October 20th, 2016  
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