The aliens have landed... by girlie

The aliens have landed...

...and they're living in Brisbane! Shot this through the windscreen of my car when I was up there recently. I don't know about the rest of the world, but we have big problems with Magpies swooping during nesting season. The spikes on his helmet are meant to deter the maggies and the imitation goggles on the back of the helmet are to give the impression that he's watching the bird. When out walking, one of the only effective ways to deter the birds, who are extremely aggressive at this time, is to turn and walk backwards with eyes fixed firmly on the lurking bird, which is usually perched high on a gum tree branch, glaring and ready to attack. You need nerves of steel for this. Some people walk around with plastic ice cream buckets on their heads with eyes drawn on them or a spare pair of sunglasses stuck on. Looks very funny, but they do give a nasty wound; even umbrellas aren't enough sometimes.
(Will be visiting my grandson for a few days so will try to post from there but may not have time to comment on your lovely photos; if not, look forward to catching up when I return.)
Cool helmet! It does look like aliens!!! Enjoy your visit! I will miss your comments....take lots and lots of pictures. :)
September 11th, 2010  
love it!
September 12th, 2010  
that is the funniest thing i've seen (and heard) in a while!! of course, i'm sure it's not funny at all to experience! wow!
September 12th, 2010  
I've noticed the spikey helmets in the last week or so. Has made me laugh, and very thankful I haven't been under magpie trees.
Just wish I could train Mr 2 not to chase them!
September 12th, 2010  
What a fun shot!!!!!
September 12th, 2010  
So funny, but scary as well! Well shot and thanks for the very interesting story! Enjoy your visit with your grandson, I'm sure we'll see lots of great photos!
September 12th, 2010  
I've heard of this helmet but never actually seen one. I've been swooped down behind my ear by a nesting magpie too & I used an umbrella rain or shine until they were gone. Great shot.

Thanks for all your comments & interest in my photos, Robin & hope you have a great time with your grandson.
September 12th, 2010  
Glad I don't have to deal with that hazard when biking, just all the oblivious drivers here in California. Cool shot and story.
September 12th, 2010  
So funny - great shot!
September 12th, 2010  
got loads of maggies here never been swooped tho its def a wierd contraption lol i thought when i saw the little pic on pop page t was a giant lady bug
September 12th, 2010  
So this is a commercially available product? Perhaps it will end up in a museum & people will look back & laugh. Very strange looking, hope it works! Nice capture!
September 13th, 2010  
Whoa !!! I guess I'm glad we don't have magpies. We do mockingbirds which sometimes get territorial during nesting season but not bad enough to need to wear helmets or extra glasses or buckets on your head.
The photo itself is funny -- but the reason it is needed is not funny (especially if you are the one the magpie is attacking).
September 17th, 2010  
OMG. That is so funny. Thanks so much for sharing.
October 5th, 2010  
haha that is gold hey, i live in Brisbane and some riders have 20 or so spikes in their helmets ... my boyfriend, a keen cyclist, refuses to do it tho, for obvious reasons (it looks so silly) ... he's from tasmania and doesn't know any better, he'll cop a swooping one day and change his mind i'm sure ;))
October 23rd, 2010  
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