Freedom, albeit fleeting by golftragic

Freedom, albeit fleeting

A big thank you to all my 365 friends who have been asking if I'm OK. Yes, I'm fine thank you, fine in a kinda COVID on-again, off-again lockdown fashion. I've been busy with another photographic group I joined about a year ago, and been slack about posting here. :( I'll try to do better in the future, however intermittently. In the meantime to all my friends, thank you for your concern, stay safe and keep shooting.
It's great to see back 🙂
August 23rd, 2021  
Great to know that you're back. I've been fighting the I don't have the energy to comment blues these past few months. Post as you can and when you want.
August 23rd, 2021  
How wonderful to see you back Marnie. Great to see you on the golf course again too, wonderful shot and cloudscape.
August 23rd, 2021  
@merrelyn Thanks Merrlyn, I'll try to pop in a bit. These lockdowns are essential till enough people are double-vaxxed but they really knock the stuffing out you, and we oldies aren't even losing squillions of dollars and/or jobs.
August 23rd, 2021  
@ludwigsdiana Thanks Diana, not much golf since covid got serious. This is our 6th lockdown.
August 23rd, 2021  
@joysabin I can identify with that Joy. We're not losing money hand over fist, or our jobs but certainly having a battle with motivation.
August 23rd, 2021  
Good to see you back again. We are in lockdown again too. Will email you when I get chance, we have had quite an eventful year. All good again at the moment though, fingers crossed.
August 23rd, 2021  
@onewing Hi Babs, good to hear from you, I've been pretty slack in terms of keeping up with people, sorry. I meant to email you ages and ages ago, but [fill in the blank], ie slack. Since we are, yet again, locked-down, I will email you soon and fill you in on our news. Look forward to hearing from you.
August 23rd, 2021  
Great to see you back and on the golf course with that terrific sky! I've been thinking of you and wondering how you're going - hope ok :) I haven't been to Geelong for ages (thanks to lockdowns) but my son needs me next week so he's looking into how I can get there! Fingers crossed xx
August 23rd, 2021  
Yay for a bit of freedom for you to get onto the golf course!
August 23rd, 2021  
Great to see your post and that it's on the golf course!! We've been playing a few times a week and it's such a joy to be outside.
August 23rd, 2021  
Great capture. Love the clouds
August 24th, 2021  
Hi Marnie - how very nice to hear from you - and very fitting that we see you on a golf course! I hope the lock-down does its job and Vic can get back to normal again. :)
August 24th, 2021  
Great to see you back! Stay safe.
August 24th, 2021  
Beautiful shot . Glad you're doing well. Some restrictions have been introduced once again here in Alberta
September 5th, 2021  
Wow, you have popped up again. A month later I have found your post. Glad the camera isn’t going rusty.
My son has an iPhone 12 and I can see they take fabulous pictures.
September 12th, 2021  
merry Christmas, Marnie, and all the best of the season. stay well and safe.
December 25th, 2021  
Hi Marnie, thinking of you in the new year and wishing you well!
January 7th, 2022  
hope you have made it safe and well into 2022
February 1st, 2022  
Almost a year ahead and hope all is well and the golf course is being used!
June 29th, 2022  
How nice to see your name pop up and I know all is well! I've thought of you every time I heard about the troubles Melbourne was having at the start of this thing; I'm glad to know you and yours are ok! All's well here!
July 13th, 2022  
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