he comes  by graemestevens

he comes

This was taken at Klis Fortress in Croatia, which overlooks Split from one of the mountain passes. It has stood there in some form since 300BC and was used to defend the pass from the Ottomans and other assorted footstools.
Most recently it has been used as a filming location for Game of Thrones.
beautifully textural
I don't recognise it from GOT - that's probably because I haven't watched it since season 3 :)
August 15th, 2019  
excellent photography ~ fav
August 15th, 2019  
“Footstools” 😂
August 15th, 2019  
Bet you felt really at home there
August 15th, 2019  
Just the right distance for this black form to turn this antique tunnel into a top composition! fav
August 15th, 2019  
i see what you did there
August 15th, 2019  
didn't keep you out though! fav.
August 15th, 2019  
Who goes there? Cool shot...fav.
August 15th, 2019  
August 15th, 2019  
Had the Ottomans won, there would have certainly not been any Game of Throne... uhmmm...
August 15th, 2019  
love it ...mysterious with great leading lines
August 15th, 2019  
So mysterious! Nice in black and white!
August 15th, 2019  
I do like how you have kept the central part very black and white to produce a dramatic effect, but kept all the texture and shape of the walls in the foreground. A lot.
August 15th, 2019  
Terrific textures and fantastic composition. Instant fav.
August 15th, 2019  
FAV! The edit and light are spot on perfect.
August 15th, 2019  
Great composition and textures. Beautiful capture.
August 15th, 2019  
Lovely textures
August 15th, 2019  
August 16th, 2019  
I can just about hear the chains rattling. Very spooky and delightfully grungy.
August 16th, 2019  
@golftragic I do like some delightful grunge :)
@jgpittenger Thank you kindly ;)
@suesmith Thanks very much :)
@haskar Thank you kindly :)
@joysabin Thank you very much :)
@taffy Instant thanks ;)
@helenhall Thank you kindly, always appreciated
@marylandgirl58 Thanks very much :)
@pdulis Thanks very much :)
@domenicododaro True...but they didn't, for which HBO is thankful ;)
@tinley23 Thanks very much :)
@gardenfolk Some man that got in the way...
@pusspup That's because I paid...
@brigette It's a dad thing...
@maggiemae Thank you kindly - any closer and I would have kicked him in the shins
@jack4john It was a bit draughty...
@northy I know right... ;)
@lynnz Thank you very much :)
@annied I also didn't recognise it - for me it was just a footnote about the fort...
August 16th, 2019  
We are of a mind on that subject.
August 17th, 2019  
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