here be dragons by graemestevens

here be dragons

and a hare...and an elephant...and a crocodile...just another collection of "stuff" under the guise of a "still life" on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Superb collection of stuff! And the map is the perfect background. Bravo!
June 28th, 2020  
Cool collection. Using the map as a background is genius!
June 28th, 2020  
Such an amazing collection
June 28th, 2020  
I really love this intriguing collection! Great company and texture. Fav
June 28th, 2020  
An excellent still life. I like the cup and saucer in the midst of it all.
June 28th, 2020  
A recipe long playing record! How wonderful!
June 28th, 2020  
I seriously want to ride a dragon
June 28th, 2020  
@koalagardens I'd love to give it a crack as well :)
@domenicododaro A definite oddity - and worth a listen for the upper class accent!
@jamibann Thank you very much :)
@mzzhope Thank you so much :)
@kjarn We have a 6 metre long shelving unit, with 4 shelves, full of bric a brac and collected "stuff" from our travels and life...this is but a fraction...
@kwind Thanks very much :)
@mcsiegle Thank you very much :)
June 28th, 2020  
love the croc and the hand
June 28th, 2020  
very creative
June 28th, 2020  
I'm rather intrigued by the LP record about "exciting new sauces" and the metallic eggs. Fascinating still life! :)
June 28th, 2020  
Fun on the map. What an unlikely bunch of stuff...only you would see the connections
June 28th, 2020  
Where on earth did you find a map with New Zealand on it? ;)
June 28th, 2020  
exciting new sauce, eh? what are those two up to anyway! and you forgot again!
June 28th, 2020  
Nice collection. Lots of cleaning and maintenance for long winter evenings.
June 28th, 2020  
Wonderful! I seem to recognise some of the items here.
June 29th, 2020  
Wow, cool collection, and nice job with a tight color scheme. Great capture
June 29th, 2020  
@swchappell Thanks very much :)
@gamelee Have you been in my house? ;)
@haskar Nah...just let them get dusty - it adds to the charm ;)
@summerfield Forget? Me? Seems unlikely...
@humphreyhippo It's a well kept secret...
@jgpittenger The secret is that there are no connections ;)
@juliedduncan The sauces aren't that great or unusual...
@pdulis Thanks very much :)
@annied Who knew that there would be a use for crocs ;)
June 29th, 2020  
Seems that there's some truth in the story that New Zealand is a very special place...
The crocodile - the forks, the knife, the spoon, the hand that grabs the tail... Hopefully you won't eat it?
June 30th, 2020  
@jerome I'll eat anything if I'm hungry enough ;)
July 1st, 2020  
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