icarus by graemestevens


an exceptionally still life.
Clearly he flew too close to the sun
September 26th, 2020  
oooh ahhh ummmmm
September 26th, 2020  
Doesn't get much stiller, that's for sure
September 26th, 2020  
Oh boy, love the touch of colour in the feathers.
September 26th, 2020  
That's amazingly good - and a bit disturbing. It almost has a strange squid like creature embedded in it? :)
September 26th, 2020  
ooh i like the iridescent blue in those feathers
September 26th, 2020  
Still beautiful even in this state.
September 26th, 2020  
very striking image.

"Here I'll live and die with my wings in the sky
And I won't come down no more" - Kansas
September 26th, 2020  
Great image, not something I want to meet in the dark or under the bed
September 26th, 2020  
Love the blue in the feathers!
September 27th, 2020  
@radiogirl They're from a Kingfisher...apparently earrings are imminent ;)
@swchappell Which begs the question, why are you under the bed? ;)
@lsquared Perfect words :)
@gardencat There is a certain beauty...
@pistache Thanks - they're from a Kingfisher
@robz Thanks veyr much - "a bit disturbing" is how I roll ;)
@jamibann Thank you very much :)
@aikiuser Nope...pretty much done I reckon...
@koalagardens Well. Yes. True.
@jgpittenger A moment of recklessness...
September 27th, 2020  
Did he meet up with the bagman :)
September 27th, 2020  
@pdulis Either that or Colonel Sanders...
September 27th, 2020  
These blue touches change everything.
Memento mori.
September 27th, 2020  
@haskar Thanks very much :)
September 28th, 2020  
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