it's the end of the world as we know it by graemestevens

it's the end of the world as we know it

There's no time for anything else today he said, as he rushed in the door and threw this image at you before buggering off to the pub.
Haha! Love it!
November 12th, 2020  
I want to play with this tiny metropolis. Cool idea
November 12th, 2020  
So cool!
November 12th, 2020  
Brilliant imagination and hilarious commentary, fav. No trips to the local for us for a while.....
November 12th, 2020  
You should offer 'him' a pint or seven....
November 12th, 2020  
Get me to the pub roar!!
November 12th, 2020  
It is, it is. Lovely image!
November 12th, 2020  
Fabulous reflections
November 12th, 2020  
This is great. Are those staples? Love the fire. Great wee Godzilla.
November 12th, 2020  
November 12th, 2020  
November 12th, 2020  
And he looks rather sad about what his vacant mind is forcing him to do.
November 12th, 2020  
Nice that you can go to a pub! Enjoy!
November 12th, 2020  
Superb composition! And so creative!
November 12th, 2020  
Oh this did make me laugh.
And I envy you having open pubs...
November 12th, 2020  
Now I know who Trump's role model is...
November 12th, 2020  
Super shot had some free time on your hands ;)
November 12th, 2020  
Hey! He went to the pub himself and left you?
November 12th, 2020  
Such a clever shot!!
November 12th, 2020  
Brilliant- fav
November 12th, 2020  
very creative - kind of takes you back to childhood days - eh ?
November 12th, 2020  
Love it, very well done!
November 13th, 2020  
November 13th, 2020  
@jgpittenger Thanks very much :)
@swchappell Thank you kindly :)
@pdulis I try not's far to long ago ;)
@lyndamcg Thanks very much :)
@kwind Thank you kindly :)
@haskar It's okay, I have booze at home ;)
@jacqbb A tiny little bit...
@vignouse Don't blame me, they're completely different colours!
@humphreyhippo It's wonderful thing...
@corinnec Thanks very much :)
@northy It is rather ;)
@lyndemc It was his own choice...I guess I'll have to pay for counselling for him now...
@shepherdmanswife Thank you kindly :)
@aikiuser Thanks very much :)
@carolinesdreams Thank you and yes, I did raid the stationery box...
@kjarn Thanks very much :)
@jamibann Thank you kindly :)
@dustyloup We got there quickly and left slowly...
@joysabin He said no thanks, so I was forced to drink them all myself...
@ricksnap Thanks very much - I feel for you (he said from his bar stool)
@monikozi Thank you very much :)
@pandorasecho Thank you kindly :)
@homeschoolmom Thanks very much :)
November 13th, 2020  
fun photo! amazing clarity and reflections
November 13th, 2020  
Ha! Anything with dinosaurs in it gets a big thumbs up in this house. I love it!
November 13th, 2020  
@mcsiegle Thanks very much :)
@lynnz Thanks very much :)
November 13th, 2020  
Glad to hear your pubs are open!
November 13th, 2020  
Cheers!! End of the world, I’m going to the pub too!!
November 13th, 2020  
we dream of the pub. nicely done
November 13th, 2020  
So creative!
November 13th, 2020  
@radiogirl Thanks very much :)
@pistache So do I...and then I go there ;)
@photographycrazy I'll get a round in then...
@fbailey We're a bit lucky...
November 14th, 2020  
Poifect! :)
November 14th, 2020  
really quite excellent
November 16th, 2020  
@annied Thank ya ma'am :)
@juliedduncan Thanks awfully :)
November 16th, 2020  
Your imagination and skill knows no bounds. What great storytelling with a handful of supplies we should all have around. (Well, must search for a tyrannosaurus, though)
November 17th, 2020  
@jyokota Everyone should have at least one dinosaur in their house...
November 18th, 2020  
Congratulations on TT!
November 20th, 2020  
Just love the use of staples and reflections. Favourite for me to think about and maybe try to use my own imagination. Congratulations.
November 21st, 2020  
Congratulations on the TT!
November 22nd, 2020  
@jacqbb Thanks very much :)
@johnfalconer Thank you very much :)
@vesna0210 Thanks very much :)
November 23rd, 2020  
Staples and such are becoming extinct for sure.
November 26th, 2020  
@joysabin Especially "and suches"...they used to be so abundant ;)
November 30th, 2020  
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