waiting for the end to come by graemestevens

waiting for the end to come

I'm late, I'm late.
not soon enough! patience...
January 31st, 2021  
Don’t worry, it will come
January 31st, 2021  
I thought it already happened? What did I miss?
January 31st, 2021  
Brilliant as always
January 31st, 2021  
Late for the end? Maybe that’s something one wants to be late for
January 31st, 2021  
Au contraire, you're just in time. The end will be a slow slog...
January 31st, 2021  
Like @jgpittenger said
January 31st, 2021  
I'd step out of line and fast. Oblivion seems not so friendly even if we have tasted it lately.
January 31st, 2021  
always worth it though
January 31st, 2021  
Probably best to be late for that appointment...
January 31st, 2021  
Late for what?? You're your own time keeper, so calm down
January 31st, 2021  
You're on your own here, I'm not waiting for the end to come ;-) Great shot, as always.
January 31st, 2021  
Late for the end? Great, as always
January 31st, 2021  
Better keep your mask on!
January 31st, 2021  
So creative ...
January 31st, 2021  
Such a stressful image! Melting and panicking and apocalypse all at once.
January 31st, 2021  
hope it won't be just yet mr s
January 31st, 2021  
I think you are in time, looks like you will be wiped out before too long.
January 31st, 2021  
No problem! No rush! Images like this need time to develop.
January 31st, 2021  
and to be reborn I hope. So striking! I love the light color on this hands, making this pic very expressive.
January 31st, 2021  
@corinnec Thanks very much :)
@gamelee It needs time to do...something...
@helenhall I've never been on time for anything before....why start now!
@pistache You and me both, I haven't done the groceries yet...
@carolinesdreams It feels like everything at once at the moment....sigh
@pdulis Thanks very much :)
@jacqbb I usually do...
@swchappell I'm late for everything these days...
@stiggle All my jobs are done for now so what else is there to do? ;)
@30pics4jackiesdiamond I'm late for everything these days...
@aikiuser Probably...unless they have chocolate...
@koalagardens Sometimes...maybe...possibly...
@joysabin As long as oblivion has good books...
@blueberry1222 Oh goody...just what i wanted from my apocalypse... ;)
@jgpittenger @taffy I pride myself on my tardiness ;)
@ghost13 Thanks very much :)
@darylo It came back around for another go ;)
@kjarn I'm not worried at all...my mum gave me a note to say that I don't have to participate...
@jackies365 Sometimes I have patience....other times not so much...
February 1st, 2021  
What about the different speed theory? Maybe you're too early.
February 1st, 2021  
No rush.............. No end in sight here :(
February 1st, 2021  
@swillinbillyflynn Yes...your end has been appallingly managed I must say!
@haskar You may be on to something there...
February 2nd, 2021  
I'm right there with ya! ;)
February 3rd, 2021  
I am waiting for the end of covid. Fav.
February 4th, 2021  
@gardenfolk Aren't we all...at least we have some modicum of freedom here
@juliedduncan Huzzah!
February 5th, 2021  
For a very important date...
March 5th, 2021  
If thine eye offends thee...
March 25th, 2021  
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