smile for the birdie... by graemestevens

smile for the birdie...

"Best" on black I should think.
Top notch from the other room.
Bleedin' marvellous with your eyes closed.
Not sure I could see it with my eyes closed, but I really like this one! Superb processing!
July 23rd, 2021  
Mister, you are a master!
July 23rd, 2021  
I closed my eyes and was really scary!
July 23rd, 2021  
Very cool Sir
July 23rd, 2021  
Too late - I closed my eyes but can still horrifying see this!
July 23rd, 2021  
Oh nooooooo
July 23rd, 2021  
Excellent job on this one, great job
July 23rd, 2021  

July 23rd, 2021  
Rofl! Def best with closed eyes:)
July 23rd, 2021  
@fbailey They usually are ;)
@bankmann Do you need a mechanic? ;)
@swchappell Thanks veyr much :)
@shepherdmanswife I'm afraid so ;)
@maggiemae That sounds like a you problem, not a me problem...
@kjarn Thank ya ma'am :)
@annied I imagine that you're really scary with them open as well :))
@monikozi Thank you very much :)
@epcello You've got a point there...and thank you very much :)
July 23rd, 2021  
It's hard to close eyes at a time like this. So cool.
July 23rd, 2021  
Love the drippy smeary movement. Wonderfully shot.
July 23rd, 2021  
Wow— you’re “dressed to kill”!👌
July 24th, 2021  
@joemuli Like some sort of demented James Bond...
@carolinesdreams I'm a master of the drippy smear ;)
@haskar Thank you very much :)
July 24th, 2021  
He has no eyes and his jacket is disappearing! Another mysterious amazing image. I'd sit for a photo shoot with him anytime
July 29th, 2021  
@catcarter19 Now there's an're the first person I've found that would be happy to die for my art ;)
July 31st, 2021  
dude, this is so darn cool
August 2nd, 2021  
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