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Right then.
Firstly, this is one for the Five Plus Two theme of “tattoo”.
Secondly, I’ve started having my legs “inked” now and have a second appointment in 3 weeks for another tattoo, and my chest is also done, but at this age no one except Mrs S and I get to see my legs and chest, and even then I think “that can’t be right.
Thirdly, on my arms I have the following:
The Compass of Decision.
A wolf howling with a single line up the inside of the arm to another “continuous line” tattoo of a wolf on the inner bicep.
A greyhound on the inner forearm.
A small geometric fox (Mrs S Also has a fox)
3 wolves fighting under a full moon on the upper arm.
Roses and the lyrics of a song that I rocked Miss S to sleep to when she was a wee one.
Roses up the back of the upper arm.
Gas Mask Man.
An anatomical chart.
A Scottish heraldic unicorn on the inner bicep.
A bee (all 3 of us in our small Family Team have a bee tattoo….the ladies because they’re sweet and me because I’m a prick…)

I think that’s it…

Oh…the chest has an eagle and a wolf in front of some tribal designs (they were my first tattoos some 30 years ago) and the right leg so far has a Tui bird on the outer calf. In a few weeks Anubis will be on my left outer calf.

That's some really cool sounding inkwork.
April 8th, 2022  
there are some I would like close up shots of!
April 8th, 2022  
Whew! Impressive. Too bad those big chunks of your inked anatomy are restricted viewing. I certainly understand people’s desires to reserve some things to those they are intimate with. But I have to put in my two cents regarding the “at this age” issue (opinionated troublemaker, aren’t I?) I think the human body in all its array of shapes and sizes is beautiful at any age, and it’s a pity society convinces us otherwise.

Could you help me down from this soap box? At this age, you understand, my right knee sometimes gives me trouble.
April 8th, 2022  
Whoa! So many needles... Awesome canvas!
I'd really like to see the heraldic unicorn.
April 8th, 2022  
wonderful composition!
April 8th, 2022  
Time to get your face done
April 8th, 2022  
@kjarn Why?
@koalagardens There has to be a silver lining… ;)
@monikozi Sounds like I’ll have to take some close ups one day…
@mcsiegle You’re preaching to the choir there…my knees are a constant delight…
@jackies365 I may have to gather the enthusiasm to do some close ups!
@salza It’s take a few years!
April 8th, 2022  
The ink you're showing looks fantastic, and what you described sounds great as well. Fantastic self-portrait to show off the non-restricted bits
April 8th, 2022  
Killer portrait! I mean that only in the nicest way. ;) P.S. Would like to see Anubis when it's done, pretty please? :)
April 8th, 2022  
Great composition, great lighting, great portrait.
April 8th, 2022  
We need you to post a bikini shot
April 8th, 2022  
@blueberry1222 No, we really don’t!
@gardencat Thank you kindly :)
@juliedduncan Thank ya ma’am…there’s a high chance that I’ll post it when it’s done!
@swchappell Thank you kindly :)
April 8th, 2022  
You win! Great self portret btw
April 8th, 2022  
oh yeah. Glad you were provoked to show some of em them off .
April 8th, 2022  
Clearly a man who likes to suffer
April 9th, 2022  
@jgpittenger It’s an addictive kind of pain…not sure what that says about me!
@kali66 It would have been rude not to ;)
@sporenmaken Thank you very much :)
April 9th, 2022  
Not sure about all those holes + ink in one's body - hope all goes well
April 9th, 2022  
@byrdlip Just because I’ve worn a dress occasionally does not make me a lady 🤪
@pdulis It’s okay - I don’t leak!
April 9th, 2022  
@graemestevens It just a flash back to the days of weekly Dr Demento.
April 10th, 2022  
Oh my your remind me of my daughter with all those tattoos!
April 11th, 2022  
@byrdlip Some flash backs we can do without ;)
@radiogirl It’s my shapely legs isn’t it?
April 11th, 2022  
Clearly a man who likes pain and parting with his well earned $$.
Do we get a couple of close ups?
April 11th, 2022  
@christinav It’s a different kind of pain…and I may as well spend the money, this way I can actually take it with me…
April 13th, 2022  
Fabulous selfie… best ever imho!
April 18th, 2022  
@vignouse Thank you very much :)
April 19th, 2022  
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