Red Lantern

I'm not having too much trouble finding color for this month's challenge even though I am not in my normal stomping grounds. I do feel my processing and subject choice might be suffering just a little. I have been trying to view your photos and I'm really sorry that I haven't had time to comment on them like I like to. Thank you for your patience with me while I am away from home.
Love the simplicity of this shot.
posted March 21st, 2017  
@onewing thanks so much. I am finding it a challenge to find pictures when I'm visiting with my family so I really appreciate that support
posted March 21st, 2017  
this, girlfriend, is an excellent subject! aces! aces! aces! (see, 3 aces)
posted March 21st, 2017  
A beautiful red.
posted March 21st, 2017  
Cool image
posted March 21st, 2017  
I really like this. It just shows that there are so very many things around us that can be photographed if only we would look! Hope the packing up is not too traumatic and that everything is going smoothly.
posted March 21st, 2017  
reminded me of a piece of film
posted March 21st, 2017  
What a cool lantern! I thought it was film too!
posted March 22nd, 2017  
Cool design, definitely red and you are posting daily, achieving I would say!! Hope time with family is happy and rewarding. xx
posted March 24th, 2017  
Neat shot--beautiful red and a nice pattern.
posted March 28th, 2017  
@summerfield lol. thanks. I can't ask for mor than that!
@henrir so kind og you Henri. Thanks
@dawnee so glad you like it Dawnee. thanks bunches
@kwiksilver sorry for taking so long to thank you. the packing was already done thankfully. I just had to load all the boxes which wasn't that difficult.
@lesip I hadn't noticed that but you are right
@cjphoto so glad you think so Chris. thanks
@ruthmouch thanks bunches Ruth. Posting is about all I accomplished for 365. I did enjoy the time spent with family though
@eudora I can't tell you how much I appreciate your constant support Diane.thanks
posted March 28th, 2017  
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