Domestic Shutter From the Camera Shutter by grammyn

Domestic Shutter From the Camera Shutter

Inspired by Lin, who actually used an idea I had before I got to it, I have decided to post my shutters for the theme as well. Thanks Lin for the push♥
Good half and half
May 28th, 2017  
How neat! I love that ours are so much alike! Thanks for posting!
May 28th, 2017  
It does the job- and keeps you pattern going too!
May 28th, 2017  
Nice half and half.
May 28th, 2017  
i have one similar to this but blurry! unbelievable that at this stage i can still take blurry photos. :-D
May 29th, 2017  
@henrir @linnypinny @olivetreeann @onewing @summerfield Ah1 The truly faithful. Such a mundane photo and still you took the time to comment. I decided to make mine like yours since you were so kind as to suggest it AND give it a FAV Lin. thanks. Vikki, I still get all kinds of not postable images. That is why we are still here. n'est-ce pas?
May 30th, 2017  
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