Nov. 20 Thankful For... by grammyn

Nov. 20 Thankful For...

...stars at night (or in this case, the early morning).

Neither are they small nor do they twinkle but they are "an astronomical object consisting of a luminous spheroid of plasma held together by its own gravity," according to Wikipedia, which is a far less whimsical definition than one usually thinks of when contemplating stars. At any rate, they are great for wishing on, gazing at, and photographing.
"so many stars, which one is mine? one must be right for me."
November 21st, 2020  
Beautiful clarity
November 21st, 2020  
Yes, beautiful. Thankful for night skies.
November 21st, 2020  
What a starry starry night (morning). Good capture of the sky.
November 21st, 2020  
Lovely choice, I think we are all mesmerized by stars. Amazing that the sky is still so dark, it is 6am here and the sun is shining ;-)
November 21st, 2020  
So many sparkles, you got a clear night/morning
November 21st, 2020  
So beautiful!!!!
November 21st, 2020  
Lovely astro shot
November 21st, 2020  
November 21st, 2020  
Beautiful shot! Lovely on black.
November 21st, 2020  
What a clear night you had! It's always awe-inspiring to look up and see so many stars twinkling overhead.
November 21st, 2020  
Ps. 8 and Ps. 19!
November 23rd, 2020  
@summerfield take your pick!
@ghost13 thanks Beau I appreciate you taking the time to comment
@shutterbug49 They are so pretty aren't they? Thanks Debbie
@randystreat Thank you! It was actually 5 instead of 6. I forgot to change my camera for DST
@ludwigsdiana Actually it was 5, Dianna I forgot to change the time in the camera! It is daylight herer by 6 too
@dutchothotmailcom Thank you Estehre. I got lucky
@mzzhope thanks so much Hope
@ricksnap So glad you like it Thank you!
@gijsje thanks bunches bep
@louannwarren I appreciate that Lou Ann thanks
@will_wooderson Thanks for the lovely comment Will. I think so too
@olivetreeann I had to look them up but you are so right!
November 23rd, 2020  
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