Nov. 24 Thankful For... by grammyn

Nov. 24 Thankful For...

...the moon. When I have putzed around all day without taking a photo the moon is always there providing a great subject or beautiful backdrop for a photo.
Star light, star bright, moonlight! Wonderful little upside down umbrellas!
November 25th, 2020  
This is such an interesting photo.
November 25th, 2020  
nice of the moon to be there. I've been enjoying just looking at it recently
November 25th, 2020  
Yes, the moon is amazing to have. It's like the earth's little nightlight and even affects the ocean's tides and our seasons. Great shot and silhouette inspired by the moon, Katy!
November 25th, 2020  
It is, I have yet to try shooting the moon but love all your captures.
November 25th, 2020  
Lovely shot and silhouettes.
November 25th, 2020  
That’s a lovely, subtle minimalist shot
November 25th, 2020  
oh wow look at that sharp focus and dof!!
November 25th, 2020  
Very nice!
November 25th, 2020  
Well, you know me and moon shots! No argument here. Nice silhouette.
November 25th, 2020  
Really lovely silhouettes.
November 25th, 2020  
I love this minimalist shot. Good thinking out of the box as they say. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all your thankful inspirations and reminders this month.
November 26th, 2020  
This is beautifully composed and mysteriously compelling! Congratulations on the PP!
November 26th, 2020  
@maggiemae Thank you Maggiemae. Those are part of my crêpe myrtle trees.
@randystreat that’s very nice of you to say, Kathy thanks bunches!
@francoise isn’t it? Nice to have that reliability.
@cjphoto thank you Chris. I totally forgot to mention how important it is to our earth.
@dutchothotmailcom that is so nice of you Esther. Your photography is so magnificent I can’t imagine you taking a moonshot that wouldn’t be the same.
@ludwigsdiana that’s really nice of you, Diana. Thank you so much
@ricksnap I am really glad you like it. Thanks
@30pics4jackiesdiamond I really appreciate that enthusiasm! Thanks
@gijsje so glad you like it, thank you, bep
@olivetreeann mine are never nearly as good as yours but yes I do know how you feel about them. Thank you
@serendypyty very nice of you to say Cazzi. Thanks a lot
@shutterbug49 that is really nice, Debbie. I’m so glad you like my photo and thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. I hope your Thanksgiving was great.
@wyomingsis I’m really glad you like it! Thanks for the heads up about the PP also. I hadn’t noticed
November 27th, 2020  
I love how the moon is there for moments just like these. And clever you took advantage of it! xoxo, D.
November 27th, 2020  
@darylo thank you Daryl Desperation does remarkable things and the moon is always an inspiration~
November 28th, 2020  
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