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January 2021
I can't believe it is now 6 years since I have been on this wonderful site, needless to say in that time my photography journey has evolved and moved on a lot.


January 2014
I am now onto my 4th year here on the 365, and what a great place this is, hope you all get the immense fulfilment, new skills and some great friends too

July 2011
Time now for an update, well since starting this project over a year ago now my level of photography has developed (pun intended) from a reasonable happy snapper with a P&S to now doing weddings, proms and photo shoots, with an array of equipment including my Canon 550D DSLR, whilst teaming up with fellow 365er Simon (sfe4R) to develop our photographic business further. Happy shooting everyone and looking forward to seeing where I/You will be in another years time.

I would also like to thank all those that have followed and or are still following me, your support is truly appreciated, and although I am guilty of not commenting as much as did at the beginning, I do manage at least a few times a week to look at all the wonderful and creative work that gets submitted to this brilliant site

June 2010
I'm family man living with my wife and 3 children in Guildford in the UK, I've always taken many photo's without really knowing what I'm doing, but have genuinely been fascinated for years on the "how to do" but never tried myself so here goes there will be trial and error but hopefully I'll capture some of the great shots I've seen already on here.