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An old 365 interview of mine if you'd like to know a bit more about me ;) http://365project.org/blog/365ers-an-interview-with-aaron-grizzlysghost

Born in San Francisco, raised in NW Montana, traveled the world for 23 years with the US Air Force. Now retired at an awesome place back in Montana (my grandfather's old homestead) and living the dream! I have one son and three pups (two Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and a Rottweiler), all of whom do their part to complete me.

I fell in love with photography in the 80's with my first SLR, which I still use today (as well as many other film cameras). I do shoot film and develop my own, from 35mm to large format, the results of which you may see from time to time.

Glad to be here with all of you interesting people!

My photos which have made the Popular Page: http://365project.org/tags/aa-pp-ftw

My photos which have made the Top 20: http://365project.org/tags/aa-t20-ftw

My Flickr:

I am now selling some of my prints!

Great tool for checking out your own Popular Page photos, placing link here so others can use it for themselves as well (just replace "grizzlysghost" with your username): (Thanks Alexis @abirkill for setting this up!)