"the man in the mirror" by handymaurice

"the man in the mirror"

A new challenge last evening when I had the opportunity to photograph at a technical rehearsal for a music and dance show to be performed later this week at the theatre in Woking (my daughter is performing). I read up about technique before I went and was confident but when it starts it is so fast and difficult with ever-changing light - it was very high ISO and some shutter speeds struggled to freeze the action even when forced. I took 2000+ photos during the session and I am hoping to find about 20 good ones to process. This is my first (I love backlighting) of one of the routines "The man in the mirror". I have no fast 200mm lens at the moment which would have been ideal so this with my slower 300mm. There was a professional there also taken 'snaps" I say this as he struggled to say hello when I introduced myself! Some encouragement or a hint or two would have been nice!
Beautifully captured
April 24th, 2018  
Well done. Nice shot. Shame you didn't get any support from the pro!
April 24th, 2018  
@cmp @helenm2016 thanks - I am about to work my way through some other shots - more may appear!
April 24th, 2018  
This is a beautiful capture. I think the lighting and colours are stunning. Good manners and pleasantries cost nothing as I was always taught!
April 25th, 2018  
@mandygravil I agree - mind you, he didn't look that much like a professional and not sure his photos are better than mine - but I guess he managed more in focus! LOL
June 2nd, 2018  
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