Girl on beach with spray by handymaurice

Girl on beach with spray

Another shot from Saturday morning that I have just looked at over my morning cuppa - SOOC and looking for ideas as to how I might process it. I was walking back from the small waterfall (top left) turned and saw this potential shot of a young lady on the beach with backlight coming through the sea spray thrown up by the fierce wind. I know I have cut the horizon through the middle so I could lose some foreground - other ideas most welcome
You could loose that foreground that is dark. I wonder if you could bring out those whispy clouds some with maybe a levels or curves adjustment. But it is beautiful the way it is. @graemestevens is the expert on these shots (he isn't just a pretty face).
March 12th, 2019  
This is superb, but it has to be viewed on black. I can't see anything to change at all, particularly on black, so you may as well have a fav :) I guess I should thank @joansmor for pointing me in the direction of this shot. Maybe.
March 12th, 2019  
I like all the layers that I see. My eyes are going from the dark sand to the sun on the water, to the girl and then to the rocks behind her. And end in the left corner on that silver line between the clouds. I wouldn’t change a bit! Fav
March 12th, 2019  
@graemestevens Yes I viewed on my Tablet and on black it doesn't work well but on my computer it is great. Thx
March 12th, 2019  
Not sure I would change it either but if you wanted to concentrate on the girl I would take out the dark foreground and some of the left just to the right of the waterfall. It depends what you want in. A great image and also to play about with.
March 12th, 2019  
@joansmor @graemestevens @jacqbb @joansmor @mandygravil Many thanks for the support and comments - ideally I would like more space between the girl and the rock - if she had moved to the left it would be ideal - but she was staring at me as it was and I was not sure if to wait or ask her to pose! I will certainly try to remove some of the foregrounds and see what other skill I can achieve when processing - time to learn more skills I think
March 12th, 2019  
I love the backlight! Fav
March 13th, 2019  
@harbie great - I just love backlighting - but need more experience to really make the shots 'zing'
March 14th, 2019  
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