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Well - after my epic trip to NZ at the end of last year I really lost my photo enthusiasm - perhaps the 20,500 frame count on my new (7 month old) Sony has contributed, alongside my faithful Nikon D800. I am still searching for a style to my photography - it seems so important although I do not know why - as a result, I have not entered any competitions and now walk my dogs without a camera - unthinkable this time last year. Anyway enough is enough - I must get a grip and get out there - I have always benefitted from the very helpful comments on 365 and I have decided to set forth once again - daily shots when I can or otherwise, photos which might be of interest to others. This will be part of my 'refocus' - quality not quantity - perhaps.

Apologies I have not commented on the many shots uploaded by my followers/followees but the mist came down on my viewfinder.