Family night out!

Ten of us went to the Black Powder Gin Experience last night. A couple of our party got there early & grabbed the best table by the fire.
We each got a gin glass which we could keep & inside there were five wooden tokens. You used one token for each drink & there were lots & lots of different flavours plus cocktails. At the end we still had lots of tokens left, no way could we drink five drinks in one night.
A roast turkey supper & a pudding & cheese & biscuits.
A good night was had by all & great to catch up!

Not a great photo, the light was low!

Will be absent from 365 for the next few days as I’ve decided not to take my iPad, a nuisance when I can only take carry on luggage!

Three good things:
1. I bought some brandy cream & used the self service till, had to wait for a member of staff to check I was over 25!!!
2. Walk in centres. I had to take antibiotics last week, I finished the course yesterday but didn’t feel I was cured so went to the walk in centre in Blackpool & they gave me a weeks supply.
3. I am flying to Belfast in the morning, hence the walk in centre & not back to my doctor, off for three nights with the girls!

A cosy little corner and good to have a momento of a great night! I would go to something like that in a twinkle! Have fun in Belfast - my stepdaughter is flying to Belfast on Wednesday! Hope the antibiotics don't interfere wit your fun!
posted December 16th, 2018  
A lovely cosy image enjoy
posted December 16th, 2018  
Family parties are the best. Enjoy your break with the girls!
posted December 16th, 2018  
A lovely happy family group --
posted December 16th, 2018  
enjoy the trip to belfast.
looks like you had a gintastic night :)
posted December 16th, 2018  
A lovely family photo.
posted December 16th, 2018  
A lovely image. Enjoy your trip to Belfast!
posted December 16th, 2018  
Looks like a fabulous night. Have a great trip to Belfast.
posted December 16th, 2018  
What fun and I like seeing your smiling face
posted December 17th, 2018  
@maggiemae Ha ha I hope so too!
@Dawn @mave @beryl @phil_howcroft @susiemc @gijsje @onewing @jgpittenger

Thank you all, I will miss 365 even for four days but will try & keep up on my phone! Up in the night, it’s 1.45 usual if I’m going away next day I can’t sleep even though really tired. Sods Law!
posted December 17th, 2018  
Oh my, have fun in Belfast! This is a great photo and description of the night’s festivities!
posted December 17th, 2018  
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