Birds on a foggy wire by happypat

Birds on a foggy wire

A trip to the accountants this afternoon.
A very foggy day & I saw loads of quite good photo ops but strangely I have no idea why I liked this silly one the best!
Taken by stopping in the road & through the car window, I had to move fast when a car came up behind me so not the best shot!

Three good things:
1. Tax paid with a week to spare!
2. A bit of a saga with Open Reach this morning but now sorted & a new appointment for fibre optic broadband booked for the 31st.
3. I noticed when I went out that we are not the only ones growing a bit of green algae on our white walls. It’s so damp everywhere but we have some special solution to get rid of it as soon as it dries up...hopefully! Either that will work or some hot sun!
Like the straight lines of your photo. What's the name of your 'special solution' please? Need to get some.
January 22nd, 2020  
So many on the wire especially at this time of the year ! It' been very foggy here all day today . So much green algae everywhere - my two little ladies ( garden ornament ) were once white but now quite green !
January 22nd, 2020  
@countrylassie It’s called Wet & Forget rapid mould, lichen & algae remover. It’s in a pink container with an attachment for your hose pipe. It sprays the liquid mixed with water so it goes high up onto walls of the house. Our son in NZ told us about it, apparently it’s used all the time in their country.
Now I must stress we haven’t used ours yet so cant vouch for this yet but will report when it’s dry enough for a Harry to have a go. I think it takes a week or two to work but it’s safe for use with pets etc. Amazon sell it, not cheap but when you want your house to look it’s best for selling we have to try.
January 22nd, 2020  
My experience with mould on driveways, walls etc is that the solution gets rid of the mould growing but leaves a grey mark behind. Then we have had to use either a bleach solution or high pressure water cleaning - which is best! The birds are having a meeting!
January 22nd, 2020  
@maggiemae Oh I hope our stuff doesn’t do that’s not cheap stuff either! This on our walls is more of a green algae....all our very damp weather at the moment.
January 22nd, 2020  
Great capture!
January 22nd, 2020  
I’m always amused by the shots I prefer
January 23rd, 2020  
The simple ones are the best!
January 23rd, 2020  
Nice photo. This reminds me of a Pixar short film made a while back, a humorous 3 minute short called 'For The Birds'!
January 23rd, 2020  
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