Everything but the cat! by happypat

Everything but the cat!

This is the kitchen belonging to Wyresdale Park a lovely house in Scorton that was featured in Country House Rescue with Ruth Watson in 2010. Still available if you type in the name.

I was fortunate to have had a conducted tour yesterday round the whole house as my B&B lady is the sister of the owner.
A perk of the job & I deserved every perk going!!!!

Completely chaotic but it has great charm & the owner himself is much the same!
I got offered a job there too which I declined!

Three good things:
1. A miserable wet chilly day so a good exscuse for both of us to stay inside watching rubbish on the TV.
2. I made some biscuits..
3. A good check up at the doctor including a sort of wired up heart cardiograph thing as I had suffered some chest pains last week...no sign of anything wrong just to up my anti acid tablets.....much relief!
It looks a place that you can make yourself comfortable with a nice cup. That looks like an old range at the back. My grandmother used to cook everything on one of those. Glad to hear it's good news from doc and the sun is now shining here hope it is for you too,
September 6th, 2013  
Wow, where would one fit the cat?
September 6th, 2013  
looks like an interesting place. Really glad to hear your doc visit was good :0)
September 6th, 2013  
Gosh, this is an interesting and busy place! I watch that programme, will have to look this one up, I may remember it with a prompt.
September 6th, 2013  
It looks charming and very liveable! You can just imagine the smell of the fresh bread coming from that coal stove! I've found with worrying chest pains that if you don't feel dizzy or weak, its generally OK!
September 6th, 2013  
I viewed large and definitely couldn't see a cat! lol
Lovely photograph with loads to see :)
Glad your doctors check was good.
September 6th, 2013  
Ooo...Is that a blue Aga?
September 6th, 2013  
@jgpittenger There might even be one in there! This is very cozy, Pat. Dibs on the blue and white chair. Don't even need a reading lamp now with the Kindle and iPhone. Glad the doctor did tests so now you won't worry!!!
September 7th, 2013  
A lot going on there, but it is kind of stylish in its own way
September 7th, 2013  
What a cosy old-fashioned set-up. Imagine sitting in the armchair while the cake or dinner cooked! I find this very attractive. Glad the check-up was OK. Of course, I'm curious as to what was the job. Good to be offered one even if you don't want it?!
September 7th, 2013  
Fantastic hearth there Pat and I like the hat. Glad you're fit for London at the weekend!
September 7th, 2013  
@quietpurplehaze Taking visitors around the house on conducted tour Judith,,,not my thing at all, he said I would be good at it!!!! I would have had to have given it a good clean up first!!!
September 7th, 2013  
@quietpurplehaze Sorry Haze I called you Judith by mistake
September 7th, 2013  
What a lovely, old fashioned scene and how lovely to have the compliment of being offered a job! So pleased that you have been declared fit and healthy, chest pains must be worrying.
September 7th, 2013  

I'll take it as a compliment!! Yes, would be hard to enthuse about something you felt needed a good clean and tidy!
September 7th, 2013  
So glad that your doctor's appointment went well!
What a lovely, quaint country kitchen. It's my dream kitchen, but my kitchen is way too small for this.
September 8th, 2013  
Looks very comfy and cozy and charming. Glad your check up went well.
September 9th, 2013  
Fabulous shot, I love kitchens like this that are warm and cosy. This tells a nice story.
September 11th, 2013  
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