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My husband remembers wearing clogs when he was young.
Made with a wooden sole & leather uppers these tradional pieces of footwear were used for work mainly in factories & agriculture.
A common sound in the earlier part of the century was the ringing of wooden soled clogs on coobled streets as workers made their way to work.

They are mainly used in dancing these days,
They look mighty uncomfortable to me but Harry says he doesn't remember them being hard to wear.

Posting early today as we are out for a meal with friends tonight. Will catch up tomorrow!

Three good things:
1. Pockets in dresses....I love a good pocket!
2. Started reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, it's a little tricky to get into but I'm persevering as the film comes out next week. I loved The Paying Guests so an hopeful it will be a winner.
3. I had a DNA sample taken for ancestory purposes, it's quite interesting but no surprises!
And worn by morris dancers
September 15th, 2018  
love the orange ones! i bet they bit heavy through
September 15th, 2018  
Great photo! We have a pair of all wooden ones decorating our hall....a gift from one of the Dutch girls who stayed with us years ago.
I love pockets in dresses too!
September 15th, 2018  
A super capture
September 15th, 2018  
Love to see the clogs. My mother wore clogs as a child made for her by her grandfather. He was a clog maker!
September 15th, 2018  
very popular here
September 15th, 2018  
Lovely clogs - - great photo and great memories for me as when in our teens we were members of our local welsh youth club , and were invited to perform our variety concert to the London Welsh after winning 1st in the Welsh National Eisteddfod ! One of the turns was a solo clog dance performed by Rod .-- I remember he had them made specially for him Such a proud moment !
September 15th, 2018  
Clever clogs! A phrase that means a lot! I wish we could have pockets in trousers too. Only jeans seem to have pockets! Did you have any odd genes - like my son found 'native american' in his? Heaven knows where that came in!
September 15th, 2018  
very Lancashire Pat
September 16th, 2018  
I have a pair of Yorkshire wooden clogs I have had for years and still use whenever I walk out into the garden. They keep you out of the wet and are jolly sturdy things. I love them!
September 16th, 2018  
@pennystot Yes indeed Penelope!
@brennieb I never thought to pick one up Brenda but they did look heavy but might be illusional.
@sarah19 That was a typically Dutch gift, how lovely!
@carolmw Thanks Carol.
@chris17 How lovely to have your grandfather make your shoes!
@huvesaker good to know they are still popular in your country still.
@beryl That would be great to watch Beryl! Memories!
@maggiemae Yes had forgotten that phrase, no idea where that came from! I have just bought a new dress with pockets!
@phil_howcroft Sounds like lots of other places are familiar with clogs too Phil!
@casablanca What a great idea to have then for trips into the garden! I suppose the fairly modern plastic crocs are based on the clog design.
September 16th, 2018  
They all look beautifully made.
I had an ancestry dna test done too - found it fascinating. It joined me up with never-known family on my late father's side and believe it or not helped a total stranger to find out who his father was... that's another story for another time...!
September 17th, 2018  
Aha - clogs, amazing that people did wear them in and out as normal wear - but they must have been very practical.
September 23rd, 2018  
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