Old Friends or New? by harvey

Old Friends or New?

Our last day in Romania Anne and I had a long but great day biking. We biked a total of 70km, and started off the day climbing for 1.5 hours from 500 meters to 1500 meters. Luckily the rest of the day was downhill and we saw many cool little villages and I stopped many times to document someone or something that I just couldn't buzz on by on my bike. This guy was wearing traditional dress for the Moldavian area of Romania, and after I took some shots of him alone he wanted a picture taken with Anne as well. I was happy to oblige.
Nice portrait. It looks like he has lived a hard life looking at this face.
May 16th, 2011  
Nice portrait of both of them!
May 16th, 2011  
Amazing portrait! Love the contrast between their faces and appearances.
May 16th, 2011  
Wonderful capture!!
May 17th, 2011  
Not only is it a nice souvenir of your trip it really is a great photo documenting the contrast between "old" and "new" with the traditional dress and the sunglasses.
May 17th, 2011  
Love the way you captured so many contrast s in one portrait.
May 18th, 2011  
Excellent. Glad he wanted one with Anne, the contrast is wonderful in this portrait.
May 20th, 2011  
It's wonderful how you're able to connect with people as your travel. I'm sure they're as fascinated with you as you are with them!
May 31st, 2011  
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