Red Kite by harveyzone

Red Kite

Doodle a day #245: Ok, so Gigrin Farm Red Kite Feeding Centre is not really in the area, but we were given some vouchers to visit it at Christmas, so we made a detour and came home the 'long route'. And it is well worth a visit. At the 3 o'clock feeding the sky fills with red kites (and a few buzzards and crows etc too) all swooping around and picking up bits of meat. It lasts for nearly an hours until they gradually disperse as the food runs out. I took about a million photos, but only about 3 will be any good.

Here is a doodle of a red kite.
Hope you all enjoyed it. We too took a rather large detour from Hay on Wye. Good too that they allow dogs in some of the hides. I also took a million photos and about 3 of they were mediocre. I felt sure yours would be much better and look forward to seeing them sometime. M
September 5th, 2019  
@mariadarby Yes, thank you so much for the vouchers. It was a great experience. Ben and Sam loved it too and for it to be better than 'screen time' is praise indeed. I have a lot of photos to go through and will show you the three (if there are that many) that I think are any good when I find them. :-)
September 5th, 2019  
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