Serenity by hazydaze


Beauty emerges from the gloom ............ I find solace in the natural world at this difficult time.

I managed to get a shopping delivery for mum so she's reasonably well stocked for now. I had to go down there to make sure she had put it all away properly otherwise we get frozen stuff put in the cupboard and cup a soup in the freezer :-)
She doesn't really understand what is going on and thinks it's all going to blow over in a couple of weeks so she will be able to go back to her clubs ......... it's really hard to explain the magnitude of the situation without scaring her ........ but anyway, she's fine for now thank goodness :-)
This is an awesome shot. Fav. This is a really difficult time for all of us but especially so for someone like your Mum. I do hope that you and she stay safe and well.
March 21st, 2020  
@susiemc that's so kind of you, thank you very much.
March 21st, 2020  
A truly beautiful shot!
March 21st, 2020  
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