Cracked! by hbdaly


My shovel - that I broke trying to remove four feet of icy snow off of the porch roof the other day. It is still lying in the exact spot I threw it over the edge in a cathartic rage after it busted. As you can see, it has snowed again since - is snowing now. Negative temps then a blizzard with another foot of snow forecasted for the weekend... Pretty soon I'm going to be as cracked as this shovel! I repeat, once again, for good measure IS IT SPRING YET?!?! :-}
Oh Holly, I'm so sorry about all the snow! Great shot--it shows well how you felt.
February 13th, 2015  
but the memories you are making! i know, doesn't help.
February 13th, 2015  
I feel for you Holly..... I guess the shovel broke the camels back? I'm sending you good thoughts and hope your weather and mood will improve....Spring will be here soon, I'm hoping.....Don't give up!
February 13th, 2015  
You sure are getting a lot of snow, aren't you! It looks like your roads are clear anyway.
February 14th, 2015  
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