Mother And Child Reunion by hbdaly

Mother And Child Reunion

For some reason today my 12 year old was really interested in talking to me. He sat with me and had a snack after school. He told me all about what they were learning. He even followed me up to my bedroom to keep me company while I folded laundry. Now anyone who has ever had (or been) a twelve year old will probably realize this is NOT common behavior - especially for a boy... I'm not sure why today - he didn't seem bothered by anything. Our conversation encompassed all the usual stuff - Ancient Egypt, global warming, nuclear winter and, of course, where did Cain and Abel find wives anyway??....

It has been a really long time since Finn has been that interested in hanging around with me. We still talk plenty, mind you, but today really reminded me of those good old days, back when he was little and his world was so much more entwined with mine... Like when this picture was taken - almost 9 years ago today - just after he turned 3. I've said it already this week - it all goes too fast. I'm treasuring today - and that dizzying but wonderful conversation with my 12 year old. And while I'm not sure I had any deep insight to offer on any of the subjects - it feels like a blessing to even be asked.... :-)
that's very special, don't think i would have any answers for him.
January 20th, 2016  
What a lovely story.
January 21st, 2016  
♥! Your story was simply heart-melting! What a dear photo and a wonderful scenario! I understand a bit of the feeling in that, only since returning from Lunenburg, my 5-y-o Ashton has been hugging and and seemingly enjoying talking to me! I don't know what threshold was crossed, but I'm not delving deeply! Like you, just keep sharing the love!
January 22nd, 2016  
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