Super In Its Own Way  by hbdaly

Super In Its Own Way

I have been doing this project long enough to know that I will never have the patience to be a truly great photographer. I enjoy taking pictures - and occasionally I manage to capture something that I'm proud of - but for the most part, I have other things to do... I saw the moon rising as I was starting dinner tonight - and since it was supposed to be "super" I thought I should probably go take a look. I took about ten shots before I realized my feet were cold - and the chicken needed to get in the oven. I do like this one regardless of what I was going for. I bet Ansel Adams never had these problems.... :-)
this looks about like the moon shot i took last night. i was getting cold and couldn't see the camera controls, and i can see plenty of better ones here.
November 14th, 2016  
Beautiful! I heard about it, but couldn't see it.......too cloudy.....
November 15th, 2016  
@hbdaly hahahaha 😊 perfect!
November 15th, 2016  
Better than my shot was! I think your photos and mine create memories for our families (and ourselves.) Ansel probably had a wife or significant other to worry about dinner. In my world, I am worried about college applications and future military deployments. . . .
November 21st, 2016  
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